This Upscale Makati Condo is a Paragon of Sustainable Design


The Estate Makati is poised to be the address of choice for the discerning Metro Manila resident. Each facet exudes luxury, and ensures residents of prime comfort and convenience amid the bustling business district.

The Estate Makati is designed by the world-renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners, which is led by Norman Foster, a visionary British architect. Foster believes in maximizing technology, and is known for incorporating cutting-edge sustainability in his designs. His goal is to serve the people who will eventually inhabit his designs, while also keeping the environment in mind.

In the early stages of the development, Foster + Partners conducted a topographical study of Makati, analyzing the wind and rain patterns, temperatures, and rays of the sun. The results of the study led to the overall cruciform design of the building, as well as the orientation of each residential unit.

Sustainable design has always been at the forefront of The Estate Makati’s vision. This principle has been an integral part of the development process from planning and construction to the lifestyle of its future community.

This commitment to sustainability has driven The Estate Makati to pursue LEED v4 Gold certification—an international standard for environmentally friendly architecture. “Our goal is to enhance quality of life, not only for the residents of The Estate Makati, but also for those in the city of Makati,” says Carla Cruz. She’s the Director of Environment for Arcadis, The Estate Makati’s LEED and QS Consultant, and she believes that urban sustainability efforts tend to ripple. “Aiming for LEED Gold is a deliberate decision. Designing a residential community that promotes sustainability influences other developers around the area to do the same. Together, we can build communities and a city that enables a harmonious union of nature, property and the people it houses.”

The Estate Makati’s prime location is also a key factor in reducing carbon footprint. Nestled in the heart of the Makati business district, its proximity to key institutions will allow its residents to minimize their use of vehicles. The Estate Makati will also be the only residential building in Makati with provisions for e-vehicle charging stations, which will cater to at least 200 vehicles at any given time. That’s far more generous than the LEED requirement of only 13.

The development’s many green features include a rainwater collection system. This system collects storm water, relieving public drains and helping to prevent flooding in the rainy season. The rainwater collected is used for the irrigation of plants and landscapes, which comprise more than 32.6 percent of the development’s total lot area.

Energy performance was also optimized for the entire property, which boasts a 22 percent improvement compared to similar building types. The Estate Makati is designed to have a high energy efficiency ratio. Its lighting fixtures and air-conditioning system both have low energy consumption.

The Estate Makati’s air filtration system is also MERV-8-rated, which means it efficiently filters the majority of harmful indoor particulate—the kind that can debilitate those with asthma and allergies, or even cause long-term respiratory problems. To further improve air quality—which is very crucial in these times—the building has a no-smoking policy. Also, all paints and coatings used on the structure were thoroughly checked to ensure that there are no hazardous compounds when residents move in.

Another salient feature of the development is that more than 32.6 percent of its open spaces will be green and natural, so residents may enjoy the calm and refreshing outdoors.

The Estate Makati is also unique in how it illuminates its spaces by maximizing natural light. Windows are made with double-glazed UV-protective glass, with low-emissivity coating that can filter out UV rays without compromising the amount of light transmitted. This ensures high energy efficiency, thanks to huge savings on energy during daytime. The large windows, perfect for enjoying panoramic views of the city, are complimented by horizontal fins, which provide shade and protection from the sun.

Each unit at The Estate Makati features double slab technology, which conceals utilities, plumbing, and electricals. The column-free layout allows residents to customize the design of their homes.

Indeed, The Estate Makati stays true to its commitment of providing its future residents a life of comfort and wellness, while also allowing them to live a smart and sustainable lifestyle.